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Hello, my name is Earl Mack, this year's chairperson for the CBS Scholarship Committee. At the end of the Civil War, many important changes were initiated in American society, which included the incorporation of African American Soldiers into the regular Army. Nearly 10 percent of the two million people serving in the Union Military were African American. By the end of the Civil war, African American Soldiers helping to defeat the Confederacy secured their standing as a Soldier with distinction and gallantry, receiving some of the highest Military awards of being among the best Troops. Their contribution to the preservation of the Union helped pave the way for inclusion of African American Soldiers in every branch of Military Service. After the Civil War, as part of the reorganization of the Military, the Ninth and Tenth Cavalries were formed in 1866, as an all-African American regiment. These Cavalrymen performed well on the frontier and became widely known as “Buffalo Soldiers. This badge of honor, given to them by the Plains Indians, held that they were the most effective and most competent units in the army of their day. In preserving the rich history of the Buffalo Soldiers and honoring the important contributions they made in the shaping of the United States, the Columbus Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Chapter has created the CBS Scholarship Awards Program. The program recognizes the academic achievements and positive character of those High School graduates and first year college students, who exemplifies the Buffalo Soldiers’ spirit in their commitment and dedication of service to their country and community. The scholarship will be awarded on October 19, 2013, during our Annual Social Affair at the Aladdin Shrine Temple, 3850 Stelzer Rd., Columbus, Ohio. Applicants selected to receive the award will be notified in writing and invited to attend the awards’ ceremony during the Social Affair. There will be one $1,000.00 and two $500.00 awards. Please click on the scholarship application icon to review requirements and download the form. The scoring system is also listed for your review. If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the scholarship fund, applying for the award or in need of additional information and have questions, please email us at;

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